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The simplest and most efficient advertising platform for Spotify, SoundCloud & YouTube.

Grow With Us is the first and only platform of it’s kind. This revolutionary new tool allows artists, curators, blogs, labels, and other music personnel to grow substantially and quickly while keeping it simple.

Why spend all your time promoting yourself? Why waste your money using expensive advertising platforms that are indirect with little to no results? Stop trying to utilize complicated funnelling techniques and start driving guaranteed traffic directly to your Spotify or SoundCloud.

Fastest Growth

Grow With Us is the fastest growth platform in the entire industry. Our platform funnels tens of thousands of listeners per month that are ready to be directed straight to your channels and playlists.

Insanely Simple

Sign up and have a campaign running in a few minutes. No previous knowledge or experience in advertising is required. Just sign up and go!

Budget That Suits You

You are in full control of your own budget. Choose the overall amount you are willing to spend and how much you are willing to spend per conversion. No minimum budgets or set pricing.

Numbers Matter

Whether you like it or not, it’s true. You are more likely to gain traction with substantial growth and numbers. Show labels, investors, magazines, blogs, and booking agencies you are worth it.

Guaranteed Results

Stop wasting your money on impressions with no conversions. No advertising company can give you a guaranteed result for your money, but we can. With our platform, you are only charged per new follower you gain.

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