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Stop wasting your budget on promotion companies that may or may not deliver, & can't promise real results. Pay for each conversion, as you receive it, guaranteed.

Create & edit campaigns

Create unlimited campaigns & edit them any time you wish. Choose your platform, target your audience, select your bid & fund your campaigns. It is that easy!

Our Audience

Your campaign target is featured throughout our Husk gate platform. Each month, 50k+ listeners come through to find new music and artists!

All around promotion

With this tool, we allow you to promote your brand on Soundcloud, and Spotify. Easily advertise all of your tracks, accounts, and playlists in one place.

Bidding System

Similar to Google Ads, our tool uses bids, which is what you will pay per conversion. Bid against other users to obtain the fastest growth.

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Numbers Talk.

Why they are important.

Bandwagoning is an important part of any marketing strategy. People will flock to what is popular, so first impressions matter. This is why building up your numbers across all platforms is crucial to your success. Show labels, investors, blogs, magazines, & booking agencies you're worth it.

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It's simple.

  • Lighten your workload
  • Easily promote multiple artists/releases at once
  • No need for any third party promoters
  • No painstaking efforts involved
  • No wasting money on dead air
  • Every cent spent is for a direct conversion
  • Fast results for you & your clients