Last updated December 2018

How do I create a campaign?

You can create campaigns by clicking the blue “Create a Campaign” button under the “Campaigns” tab.

What types of campaigns can I create & run?

You may create & run campaigns for Spotify playlist/channel growth, & SoundCloud channel growth. You can also run campaigns for your Spotify & SoundCloud releases.

Can I pause & edit my campaigns?

Of course! All campaigns can be paused at anytime. You may edit all campaign settings anytime you wish.

Am I able to target a specific audience for my campaign?

You bet! You are able to target specific genres when creating a campaign. This is not mandatory. You may select "All" listeners if you do not wish to target a niche.

Where is my campaign shown?

Your campaign will be be shown throughout our Husk download gate platform. Every day thousands of music fans & listeners come through to download content & find new artists to follow/listen to.

Can I run multiple campaigns at the same time?

You sure can! All users can create & run unlimited campaigns. There are no limits.

Will my campaign run automatically?

Yes. Once you have created a campaign it will start to run instantly. The only time it will not run is if A) You do not have funds in your account B) You decided to pause the campaign.

Can I view campaign statistics?

You bet! You can check detailed statistics for each specific campaign as well as your insights page. This is where your overall stats are shown. Take a look!

When does my campaign end?

Your campaign will come to an end once you have insufficient funds to continue. Example: If you have a bid of 20 cents but only 10 cents left, then your campaign will come to an end until you re-fill.

What is a bid?

A bid is what you will pay per conversion. Each campaign you run you will be asked to select a bid amount. Whatever you choose is what you pay per conversion. (Plays, streams, followers, etc)

How does bidding work?

Similar to Google Ad words, our bidding system is straight forward; The higher you bid the faster you grow and vice versa. Example: If you bid 10 cents while everyone else is bidding 6 cents, you will gain majority of the traffic. You will be shown more than others resulting in faster growth.

What is a top 10 bid & how do they affect me?

We display the top 10 bids at all times for you. This allows you to see what others are bidding for each platform & target. This helps you gauge your own bid. Make sure to keep an eye on these bids as they are constantly changing.

Who am I competing with?

You only need to look at the top bidders for the same platform & target as you. You are competing with everyone inside this bid pool.

How much should I bid?

This is totally up to you. Our system will help you by letting you know if your bid is too low compared to other bidders but it is ultimately your choice.

Do bids fluctuate?

All the time! Some days the bids are high, while other days they are low. It's always moving. Make sure to check in daily to edit your bid if needed.

What payment options are available?

We offer Pay-Pal & all major Credit Cards.

When am I charged?

You pay everything upfront before you run a campaign. You are charged immediately when using either payment option.

I funded my account but I do not see any funds added?

The funds may take a few seconds to show up after you have paid. If you do not see funds after a few seconds it may be because you paid by E-Cheque via Pay-Pal. If this is the case you may have to wait 3-7 business days until the funds are released. If this was not the case and still no funds have been added, please reach out to us asap.

What causes my account funds to deplete?

Your bid amount is what causes your funds to deplete. For example: If you bid 10 cents then that means every time you gain a conversion, your funds will deplete by 10 cents. This will continue to deplete by your bid amount until you are out of funds.

My unfollow rate is really low, why do I not receive a refund?

Unfortunately, this is advertising and we cannot control what people decide to do once they listen or follow you. Like all advertising, there are risks. Our tool guarantees you a conversion for every cent spent but that's it. If you find subscribers & listeners aren't sticking around, you may want to find out what's happening. (Branding not good?, lack of quality? etc etc) Refunds cannot be given out due to unfollow rates.

Are there any refunds if I do not like this service?

No. This is advertising & we cannot give refunds once you have paid. You pay upfront & only the amount you chose. You can even try the service for free before you make any commitments. However, if our system doesn't work or hindered your campaign due to a bug, we will issue a refund in credits.

Is your audience organic?

100%! All traffic coming through our platform are coming because they want to. They come to download & listen/find new music & artists. We do not hinder or incentivize anyone in anyway. All traffic you gain and are exposed to is organic.

Who are they & where are they from?

Our audience comes from all over the world. The majority of traffic is located in North America, Europe, & Australia. The audience includes music listeners, fans, artists, labels, DJ's, and various other music personnel.

How much traffic comes through the platform?

Since launch in 2017, we have had over 1 million unique listeners come through our platform. Currently, our traffic is well over 50 thousand monthly.

How can I target a specific audience?

When creating your campaign, you will be able to select a certain genre of listeners or everyone. We have so many music fans of all different tastes. You will be able to select from a handful of the most popular genres.

I never received my password upon sign up. What do I do?

Depending on your email client, it may have went into your junk or promotion inboxes. If this isn’t the case please just shoot us an email and we will send your log-in information.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

No worries! Just click “Forgot Password” and we will send you an email. If that doesn't work, you can also shoot us an email directly and we send it to you.

I deposited on a sale day but my bonus hasn’t been added. What do I do?

Currently all bonuses are added manually by our team so they aren’t added instantaneously. We will add them as soon as we can.

My Spotify release campaign streams don’t reflect on Spotify. What's going on?

Please keep in mind that we cannot force any one to listen for 30 seconds. This is the amount of time Spotify needs to consider it a stream. Your campaign is charged when a listener clicks play on your track. They may only listen for a few seconds. Also, Spotify doesn’t update stream counts in real time unless you have the artist app & your song is less than a week old. They update once a day around 3pm. *Always make sure you entered to correct link.*

My growth campaign is over but the numbers don’t match up. What happened?

When running a growth campaign you are only charged when someone decided to follow/subscribe. We cannot force any one to stay. Sometimes people unfollow for a variety of reasons out of our control. For better ROI, check out these tips and tricks.

How do I know if I entered my links correctly?

Our system will recognize if the format is correct & will let you know if there is an issue. We also provide examples for you. If you are unsure if you did something wrong, or need help finding the correct URI/ link, please reach out to us.

Can I edit a mistake I made when setting up my campaign?

Yes! If you made a mistake, hit the pause button. This way you won't lose any money on your campaign. You can edit your campaigns at anytime & when corrected, make sure to activate your campaign again.

Is there a way I can earn funds to use for my campaigns?

Definitely! You can gain funds with no purchase in one of two ways: 1) Transfer your Husk download gate earnings to your account 2) Become an affiliate. Both options are completely free.

How do I become an affiliate?

Head on over to the affiliates tab at the top of the screen. Once there you will click the big button that says "Become an affiliate". That's all there is to it.

How does the affiliate program work?

We have made it simple. After you became an affiliate, you will receive a unique link. This is the link you will share to whoever you please. Every time someone clicks your link they are tagged as your client forever. Every time this client pays, you will receive a commission percentage. An extremely easy way to make passive income.

How much do I earn off affiliate commission?

All affiliates start at 10% commission. This can be changed though. In fact, a lot of our affiliates are earning up to 30%.

How do I increase my commission?

If you believe you can bring in a lot of clients & benefits to our platform, then you may reach out to us via email letting us know why you deserve an increase. Upon approval, you will receive what we think is fair.

Is there a way I can track my sales?

We have made a nice & simple affiliate dashboard for you. You will be able to see who has signed up & paid. Your commission will be shown at all times for you. **Please note that you only see the clients who have paid. You won't see everyone who clicked your link.

What can I do with my affiliate earnings?

You can either choose to transfer them to your Grow With Us account or cash out via Pay-Pal. **Please note that once you transfer your funds to your Grow With Us account, it is irreversible.