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'I'd recommend grow with us to any artist'

‘After releasing a record with Will Sparks & Laidback Luke - into my latest record on Revealed Recordings - I wanted to make sure I was able to grow my followers up, and maintain monthly listeners. Grow With Us has been a great platform for me, and I've seen my growth in the thousands of followers! All real accounts! I'd recommend Grow With Us to any artist!”

Alicia Madison


'Nothing but a great experience'

“We've had nothing but a great experience working with Grow With Us. They've been instrumental in growing T-Pain's Nappy Boy Radio playlist and in just a few months almost doubled it from where it first started. We experienced faster growth than anticipated and seeing real impact with streams. Definitely recommended.”

Cinematic Music Group

American Record Label

'We Recommend Grow With Us'

"For serious independent artists and labels looking to grow their following organically with an ethical, community based platform, we recommend The Husk's Grow With Us platform."

James Moore

Independent music promotions

'Nothing Came Close to my ROI Using Grow With Us'

“I’ve been studying SEO + Facebook marketing since my start in the industry. Working on a bunch of accounts under Randy Jackson. Nothing cam close to my ROI of using The Husk to grow Spotify playlists. 100% positive feedback. The more it grows, the more you grow. Simple as that.”


BIG MGMT, New York

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We offer a ton of features. See some below!

Grow With Us Features

Conversion Based Campaigns

No more wasting Ad-Spend on impressions & dead air. All of our campaigns are conversion based meaning you are only charged when you gain an actual conversion.

Create Unlimited Campaigns

Our tool allows you to create & run unlimited campaigns. All campaigns can be edited & paused at anytime.

Detailed Reporting & Google Analytics

No matter what campaign you are running, you will be able to track detailed statistics. You can also add a Google analytics tag if you wish for even deeper insights.

Audience Genre Targeting

We offer over 50 targeting options for your campaigns. You can target specific genre niches or target all of our traffic. It's completely up to you.

Works With Any Budget

No minimum buy-ins. You can spend whatever you wish. Our tool allows you to add funds anytime no matter what the amount is. We make it easy for everyone to run campaigns.

Massive Audience

We have built a massive traffic source via The Husk download gate platform. Over 100k people come through the platform monthly.

Bidding System

Similar to Google Ads, we use a bidding system. This easy to use system allows you to bid per conversion. You will never pay more than what you bid. The higher you bid, the more traffic you will be shown too relative to other bidders.

Grow Your Spotify & SoundCloud

Grow With Us focuses on Spotify & SoundCloud platforms. Run campaigns for either or both platforms and easily reach a massive audience. We have made channel/playlist growth incredibly simple for everyone.

Promote Your Releases

Have a SoundCloud release you wish to promote? No problem. You can easily create a campaign that focuses on promoting your release to our audience.

Simple & Powerful.

How It Works

Create & Fund A Campaign

First, you will want to choose a campaign type & create your campaign. Once you have a campaign set up you will need to fund your account for it to start. You only pay what you wish. There are no minimum buy-ins.

During The Campaign

When your campaign is active it will be included & advertised throughout our network of download gates via The Husk. This is where all the traffic is coming from.

Tracking Results

Every campaign has a results tab which you can check anytime. The results will show you who interacted with your campaign, the cost per conversion, time-stamps of when the conversion took place, Type of conversion, & remaining balance.

Wrapping Up

Your campaign will run until you either pause it or you run out of account funds. You can run, create, & edit as many campaigns as you wish. at anytime. If you run out of funds you can add more via Stripe or PayPal.

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