Updated March 10th 2020


1. Campaigns

Q: What type of campaigns can I run?

Currently, we have options for SoundCloud & Spotify campaigns. SoundCloud campaigns include: engagement campaigns, play campaigns, & growth campaigns. Spotify campaigns include growth for your playlists & channels. All campaigns are conversion based so no money is wasted on dead air.

Q: Can I run multiple campaigns?

You sure can! All users can create & run unlimited campaigns. There are no limits.

Q: Are there any targeting options?

You bet! You are able to target specific genres when creating a campaign. This is not mandatory. You may select "All" listeners if you do not wish to target a niche. There are over 50 genre targeting options to choose from.

Q: What is bidding & how does it work?

A bid is what you will pay per conversion. Each campaign you run you will be asked to select a bid amount. Whatever you choose is what you pay per conversion. (Plays, streams, followers, etc) Similar to Google Ad words, our bidding system is straight forward; The higher you bid the faster you grow and vice versa. Example: If you bid 10 cents while everyone else is bidding 6 cents, you will gain majority of the traffic. You will be shown more than others resulting in faster growth.

Q: Can I see campaign results?

Of course. All campaigns have a "results" tab which give you detailed statistics regarding your campaign. You can also add a Google tag for your campaign to gain even more statistics. We also offer an overview insights page you can view anytime.

Q: Does my campaign start automatically?

Yes. Once you have created a campaign it will start to run instantly. The only time it will not run is if A) You do not have funds in your account B) You decided to pause the campaign.

Q: Where is my campaign shown?

Your campaign will be be shown throughout our Husk download gate platform. Every day thousands of music fans & listeners come through to download content & find new artists to follow/listen too.

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3. Payments, Bonuses, & Refunds

Q: What payment options are available?

You can pay securely via Stripe or PayPal.

Q: When am I charged?

You are charged as soon as you confirm your payment. Your funds will be added instantly to your account so you can run campaigns.

Q: What causes my accounts funds to deplete?

Your bid amount is what causes your funds to deplete. For example: If you bid 10 cents then that means every time you gain a conversion, your funds will deplete by 10 cents. This will continue by your bid amount until you are out of funds or pause the campaign.

Q: What are funding bonuses?

Funding bonuses are additional funds you will receive to give you more Ad-Spend for your campaigns. The more you put into the platform the more you higher bonuses you will receive. For example: If you spend $1000 you will gain an additional $300 for a total of $1300.

Q: Are there any refunds?

No. This is advertising & we cannot give refunds once you have paid. You pay upfront & only the amount you choose. You can even try the service for free before you make any commitments. However, if our system doesn't work or hindered your campaign due to a bug, we will issue a refund in credits. You will not receive refunds for unspent funds.

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3. Trouble Shooting

Q: What if I entered my link incorrectly?

Our platform will give you examples and let you know if something looks wrong. If you feel you have entered something wrong, pause the campaign. You can then edit your campaign and change all settings. If you are having any issues with links you are welcome to email us and we would be happy to help.

Q: I set my bid to high, can I change it?

Of course. Everything is able to be edited at anytime you wish. If you made a mistake just click on the "Edit" button.

Q: I forgot my password! What should I do?

No worries! Just click the "Forgot your password" link and we will re-send your password to your email. You can also email us directly and we will send you your login information.

Q: I'm running a campaign but not seeing any results?

If your campaign is running and you're seeing no results check the following: 1) Make sure you have funds in your account. 2) Make sure your campaign is not paused. 3) Your bid may be too low and your campaign isn't seeing any traffic. You can try raising your bid to speed things up. If you still need help please reach out to our team.

Q: I'm seeing results on my campaign page but not on my channel?

If you are seeing results on your campaigns page but nothing is changing on your channel/playlist/song then it's more than likely a link issue. Make sure to double check your link & URI. If you need help finding your correct formatted link please reach out to us. Keep in mind that some platforms take up to 24 hours to update as well.

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