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About The Husk

We at The Husk are artists ourselves. This has allowed us to have first-hand experience with the problems that artists face. Every platform we create aims to solve these every day issues. When we created The Husk, we wanted to be different than the other download gates. First and foremost, we wanted it to be simple to use, and reliable. Too many other gate services were extremely cluttered and unclear, making it difficult to create gates and confusing for fans to download your tracks. Others were simply unreliable and broke down on a regular basis. Our gate would have the cleanest design possible, provide clear guidance to both downloaders and gate owners, and give artists the security of knowing their gates would always be in service.

Besides creating a better user experience, we also wanted to do something brand new. We wanted to create a unique opportunity for artists to earn a passive income with their music, and like everything we do, we wanted it to be simple. The Husk, launched in 2016, is the first and only monetized download gate in the industry, and offers the highest rates of monetization of any platform. All you have to do is grow your fan base through our download gates and we monetize at a rate of $0.08 per Spotify & $0.05 per SoundCloud follower you receive. Tens of thousands of artists have now made a passive income on our website to help fuel their music career.

We are excited to kick off this new 2019 year and a new chapter of The Husk with a brand new and improved version of our amazing platform. All users can now benefit from a completely redesigned, sleek, user interface that is even more enjoyable to navigate. We have added artist tools, promotion opportunities, detailed statistics and analytics, featured gates, top gate lists, and many other features for all users. There has never been an easier way to earn revenue for your music and grow your fan base! Why not get started now?

“We are constantly innovating & creating powerful tools that you cannot find anywhere else. We are here to help you succeed”
Ryan Thompson — Owner Of The Husk
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