Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Common Questions

Q: Why The Husk?

We are free to use & the only monetized download gate in the entire industry. No other gate tool does what we do. We also provide our users with statistics, free promotion & opportunities, Fan Links, customizable options, & so much more. We have it all & have made it incredibly simple to set up. This is the only gate tool you will ever need.

Q: What is the difference between a Fan Link & Download Gate?

A Fan Link is a place where you can provide streaming links, purchase links, and download links all in one place for your fans. It makes sharing your music extremely easy. Instead of sending a bunch of different links to everyone, you just send one. A download gate is where you provide your downloadable content for free & require the downloaders to complete social actions for you in return. (Follow, repost, like, comment etc)

Q: What platforms can I add to my gate?

Currently you can add Youtube, Spotify, & SoundCloud.

Q: Why do you monetize?

We understand the struggles of making money in the music industry & we wanted to create a simple & innovative way for everyone to be able to make money with no catches. Instead of focusing on streams for income, you can now earn for simply growing your fan-base up. Another way to make some money.

Q: How many gates & Fan Links can I create?

You may create unlimited gates & fan links. These can be edited at anytime as well.

Q: Can I make a gate for just one specific platform instead of all three?

Yes. If you just want to include Spotify actions for your downloaders, then by all means make it happen. You can choose as little or as many actions that we offer for your gate.

Q: What does 2X my mean?

We double users funds when they make a transfer to our advertising tool; Grow With Us. If you transfer your earnings to your Grow With Us account, your funds will be automatically doubled. When you transfer your funds, they will automatically deplete from your Husk account.

Q: Can I pool my revenue between multiple accounts?

No. Every account on The Husk earns separately. We would recommend keeping one account only as you can create unlimited gates & earn collectively.

Q: Can I view stats?

Definitely! We offer statistics for all our users.

Q: Do I have to use your gate exclusively to receive payments?

Yes. If you do not use our gate tool exclusively you will not receive payment via PayPal. You may still earn money through gates but can only use those funds to transfer to Grow With Us. If you use any other platform for your gates your payments will be void.

Q: Why do you only pay exclusive users?

It doesn't make sense to payout users who are using our competitors. We have made the most powerful gate tool available. There should be no reason you would want to use another one. We want you to be a Husk user for life. We are here to help you succeed.

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2. Monetization

Q: How do I earn revenue?

Simple! You earn revenue by monetizing your download gates. As long as you have active gates & fans funnelling through them, you will earn money.

Q: How much do I earn?

We pay out $0.08 per unique Spotify follower & $0.05 per unique SoundCloud follower. That gives you the potential of earning $0.13 per unique follower gained. Let’s put that in perspective. 10 followers is $1.30. 100 Followers is $13. 1000 followers is $130. We are the only gate tool that monetizes.

Q: Can I cash out anytime?

All users need to have a minimum of $50.00 USD in their account to be eligible for a payout.

Q: Do I earn money for the same fans that come through my gate?

No. You only earn revenue when a new fan that has never followed you before follows you. Every follower you gain outside The Husk is money lost.

Q: How long does it take to receive my money after requesting a payout?

Payment times vary depending on the amount we are receiving. We have up to 180 days to settle a payout request but payments can be received in as little as 24 hours.

Q: How do I request a payment?

You may either request a payment from the dashboard or by clicking your actual funds at the top of the screen. You will then be redirected to the request form. Fill out everything correctly.

Q: Is PayPal the only way to receive my money?

Yes. We only pay out via PayPal. All transactions are made by "Goods & Services".

Q: Is there any way I can be denied my payout?

Yes, although this is rare. We reserve the right to deny your payment if: You tried manipulating the system in anyway, have received copy right strikes, are not using us exclusively, and/or your payout request was incorrectly submitted. More information can be found in our Terms & Agreements. If you think you have been wrongfully denied payment please reach out to us.

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3. Customization

Q: Can I upload my own cover image?

Yes. Both download gates & Fan Links allow you to upload your cover image.

Q: Can I upload a background image?

Yes. When creating a gate you may upload a background image.

Q: Can I choose what is required of the downloaders?

Yes. This is completely in your control. Choose the platforms, social actions, accounts, & content. This is your gate. Make it the way you want.

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4. Coming Soon*

Q: Coming Soon

We will continue to update this FAQ as needed.

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