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Beautifully Designed

The Husk is an innovative download gate tool for everyone. It is the first & only tool to monetize your fan base. This is the only gate tool you will ever need.

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Creating & Editing Gates

We made creating & editing gates simple & fast. You may create unlimited gates for your content at anytime you wish. Our tool automatically overwrites your existing gates to make it easier for you. Choose what steps your listeners & fans need to do in order to receive your downloadable content. Easily upload your file to our site or use a third party link as well as the option to add a background & artwork. Made a mistake? Edit your gates at anytime from anywhere.

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Statistics Overview

All your gates created with us will showcase statistics. You will be able to view things such as: Number of downloads, reposts, comments, likes, & more.

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Monetization & Payments

The Husk monetizes using a profit share method. Each user’s monthly earnings will be calculated based on; a) volume of qualifying traffic generated by the user, b) amount of qualifying users c) amount of monthly profits generated by The Husk. You are paid out on the first of every month automatically. Read more below!

"The Husk" is the only fan-gate platform available on the internet that pays out royalties."

"I was extremely surprised with its ease and simplicity. Definitely a great tool for anyone!”

"We love how supportive there team are & how effective their products are. 10/10 would recommend!"

Genesis Records
"Would highly recommend it to anyone who’s struggling to gain followers.”

"I replaced all my old download gates with the husk. It's amazing the innovation you give us!"

Joey Stux
“I got set up and everything works like a charm!"

Sam D
"Working with the Husk has been a pleasure, it's easy and it's become an important part of the puzzle for me."

"Gain money from the gate and use that money to push it with the growth platform.”

"The Husk is a simple way to give your social status a boost."

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