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The First & Only Monetized Download Gate.

A free to use tool that makes it easy for artists, labels, & content creators to earn revenue by growing their fanbase.

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A Few Features

The Husk has a ton of features that make it one of the most powerful tools available to artists, labels, & various other content creators.

Multi - Platform

You can choose from a variety of platforms to build a fan-base on. We included Spotify, SoundCloud, & Youtube. Grow your fan-base easily across multiple important platforms.

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Monetize Your Growth

You are now able to monetize your growth. When using a gate through The Husk, you will earn 8 cents for every new Spotify follower & 5 cents for every SoundCloud follower gained. A total of 13 cents a follower.

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Our tool allows you to fully customize your download gates & Fan Links. You decide the platforms to grow on, the content to give away, the artwork, name, and so much more. Make it the way you want to.

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The only gate tool you will ever need.

Why use any other gate tool?

It's simple. The Husk is free to use & you're paid. Every follower you gain outside The Husk is money lost for you. Start earning a revenue by simply growing your fan-base. We also provide fan links, promotion, perks & insights to the industry, detailed statistics, & so much more. We offer everything you need to succeed & build your brand.

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Detailed Features

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Free To Use

Our tool is free for everyone to use. You can sign up in seconds and make your future gates & fan links with ease.

Mobile Friendly

You can use The Husk on the go as well. Check your stats, edit & create gates, all from your phone or tablet.


Yes, your gates are monetized. Earn 8 cents for every new Spotify follower & 5 cents for every new SoundCloud follower gained through your Husk gate. It's that simple.

Easily Edit & Create Gates/Fan Links

We have simplified the process for editing & creating gates. You can edit & create gates within seconds & it will automatically replace your old gate. Save time.

Track Statistics

You can track your statistics for each of your gates at anytime. They are updated in real time.

Perks & Promotion

You can gain additional promotion through our socials & channels. We provide tons of extra perks to help you succeed. All for free.


You are able to customize the gates & fan-links to suit your brand. Add your own images, artwork, and choose the actions required from your downloaders.

Double Your Funds

You may transfer your earnings at anytime to our Grow with Us advertising tool. These transfers will be doubled.

Great Support

Our team is always here to help if you need anything or have some questions. Don't hesitate to reach out.

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